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WOLF Hunting in The Sky - Arrival at the Double-Star System of Sirius

[Above: Inter-Planetary Survey Vessel, I.S.V.WOLF-888 approaches the Outer Boundary of the Sirius System]

Donna Darkwolf wrote me: "Find Me On Sirius. You found me once before - you will find me again :D"
Sirius is the brightest star in the Southern sky. Since the stars are not truly fixed and actually change their relative positions over the long course of time, Sirius will eventually come to within 1.6 degrees of the south celestial pole in 66270 CE.

Sirius in the Constellation Canis Major

In the Dogs collar, lies Sirius, a blue-white star 8611 light distant and radiating more than 20 times the energy of our own sun. Sirius A has a companion star, the white dwarf Sirius B, which rotates around their center of common mass, once every 50 years, but it is around 10,000 times fainter than Sirius A.
Amazingly! 8 + 6 + 1 + 1 = 16. 6 + 1 = SE7EN.

Sirius known as the "Dog Star", reflecting its prominence in its constellation, Canis Major (Greater Dog).
The expression, "Dog Days" refers to the period from July 3 through Aug. 11, when Sirius rises in conjunction with the sun.
Donna took off on 7 July for a reason. I don't know what it is. YET. My Shiny Wife loved her dogs. She named herself "Darkwolf", after a type of dog. The Wolf is her shamanic Guide. And registered her vehicle as "WOLF".
The most predatory dog on the planet.
And Donna Darkwolf really loved her dogs: Borg, Gremory, Vagaw and Laughing Boy. So I suppose Sirius makes perfect sense.
Why would my shiny Darkwolf not head out to the brightest place in the Southern Sky?
Except to SHINE!
ANUBIS. The dog protecting The Gates to the Under World.

The heliacal rising of Sirius marked the flooding of the Nile in Ancient Egypt.

The brightest star in the night sky, Sirius is recorded in some of the earliest astronomical records. Its displacement from the ecliptic causes this heliacal rising to be remarkably regular compared to other stars, with a period of almost exactly 365.25 days holding it constant relative to the solar year.
This occurs at Cairo on 19 July (Julian), placing it just prior to the summer solstice and the onset of the annual flooding of the Nile during antiquity.

TLC this is OTP: Prepare your CheckList

I Want to Have Some Fun... Imagine Arriving in Sirius

Inter-Planetary Survey Vessel - Registration: I.S.V. WOLF-888 Entering Sirius System - 110 light days out

Imagine it... Interstellar Survey Vessel - ISV WOLF-888 - breaking out of WARP... to Sub-Light
[Above: Interstellar Survey Vessel: Registration I.S.V. WOLF-888. In-Bound. Entering Sirius System -
10 light hours out... Investigating cyclical beacon signal transmission. Probability - High:
It may be the Darkwolf Unit.
Commence Deep Tracking. Extend Barbettes.
Landing Party drop-ship prep detail will have seven hours...
Get Moving People!!! You're not getting paid by the hour!
Station Flight?
Station Flight on my Loop
Stand-by for further up-dates as they occur.]

I.S.V. WOLF-888 Extending Survey Barbettes - 5 light hours out

Just imagine what we are going to DISCOVER!
Sierra Hotel India Tango... SHIT! Brace for FTL shut-down
We are at Go /No Go Status

I.S.V. WOLF-888 Crossing the Inner Solar Boundary of Sirius' Planetary System

Not far now... "90 Light minutes out - crossing solar boundary - prep for deceleration.
Guidance pre-flight Uplink Loading
Go for Launch

I.S.V. WOLF-888 Commencing Survey - Seeking Energy Emissions

The Hunt Begins for the proverbial "needle".
We are at Twenty Two light minutes out... We have a go status... I give them a GO! Confirm.
Spin down the FTL.. Dilative braking now active...
ship entering glide path... commencing roll... commence life-energy survey
I Give a Pre Flight up-link. Loading.
Nineteen Light Minutes out confirmed.
Commit to Dilative Braking

Commencing Incoming "Roll-to-Align" on Glide Path

After a 16 minute survey - Discovery! Planet S-6!
BSF Pre-Flight Link - up-loading
We are poling OUT side 3 minute hold capability

Preparing to Achieve Parking Orbit Over Sirus S-6

I.S.V. WOLF-888 takes up parking orbit on station, over planet S-6, after 777 days. Travelling at Warp 12.
11 Light Years per Ship's-Day.
"We have detected a cyclical beacon signal.
Repeats every 24 Seconds".
"Five by Five.
"Loud and Clear"
"Bring the Ship about"
"Prepare landing vessel. Crew assemble for dust-off"

I.S.V.WOLF 888. Hi-Orbit. Sunrise on Sirius from remote AN25 drone

Away crew prepearing for landing. Altitude 250 kilometres

Launching LV 242

"All Drop-Stations Secure... LV 242 and Alpha Mike3... are GO!"
And we fall out of the sky....

Landing Vessel L.V. - 242 Dispatched to surface - captured from accompanying Auto-Drone "Alpha Mike3"

"There appears... to be Just ONE! inhabitant on the planet. Target confirmed. Touch-down in T Minus 4:48.
Target appears... to have... built a fire?

"Rotate. Main-engine... fire..."
"Entering atmosphere - get ready for some chop"
"Deploying gear... Thrust is 80 to Q-MAX..."
"Guidance... down range landing locked"
"Glide-Path is Nominal to Profile... Touch Down in 2..."
"Guidance... main engine thrust"
"Make ready... in One...
"30 seconds to threshold... 15.... 5... Landed!"
"All Engines Stopped. Power off".
"Mission completed... LV 242 happy to announce - "In One Piece".
"Excursion survey team prepping to detail... Updates as they arrive... Standby..."
LV.242? 24 February.
For me? It's Christmas - and I want to open all my presents!
Stand By...Lift off confirmed"
Copy: Lift off

Touch-down. On-board DreamState Logic System confirms L.V.242 Condition Nominal.

" Target Aquisition Completed.  Alpha Mike-3 is powering up a mini survey drone to accompany the Flight Engineer, to record events...

What Next Donna Darkwolf? "We Are the Colors of Love?" as you Love to Say...

"I did not travel this far... To JUST TRAVEL THIS FAR! Get organised, Darkwolf! Get your gear together, My Love... We ARE LEAVING!"

I Have Found You Again! What Next Donna Darkwolf? Say...

Walk up behind you and say: "It is morning... I'm Here to Fetch You?"
"I found you? Just as always?"
"What Next - Corazon?"
I would most likely say, as always: "Home in One Piece. I can hold you to sleep, Corazon".
As usual, you will say: "What are the chances of a Witch and a Soldier?"
As usual, I will say: "If any one ASKS... TELL THEM.. We Were doing OUR JOB!"
As usual, you will say: "You always fetch me in the morning, My Franco"
As usual, I will say: "Always. Semper Fi"
As usual, you will say: "Rock!"
As usual, I will say: "Never roll"
As usual, you will say: "We are Fine. Bésame. (kiss me)"
No matter.
Every day begins with a KISS.
"What are the chances of a Witch and a Soldier?"
As usual, you will say: "Keep Me"
As usual, I will say: " I will always keep you."
As usual : "We are Home in One Piece. You, Me and WOLF."
Semper Fidelis, My Love.