"Ask the Mountains" by Vangelis

Voyager Donna Darkwolf > Stars - Like Dust... Surround Me

"I dreamed you so much – you saturated my life, facets of you pervading all of those other you’s.
Stars, Like Dust, You surround me".

But just take a hard look into my eyes.
Yes there is a smile around them.
Can you see? The cold hard steel in them?
Hint: "Never dry steel while it is cold"
My Mouth is a "so-what-smirk". I know a secret that you have no clue of.
And it is coming your way.
See I wear the Belt of Orion... the three stars. Alnilam. Alnitak. And, Mintaka on my shirt.
Trust me. You will eventually understand.

"You will find a way to Get hot - or Get dead. Get on the Ready Line...
"You had better find Time, before Time finds you.
"You Are Going to PREVAIL!
"You are going to Do!! Or you will die Trying!
"That is all!

While I was taking these pictures, I knew I was cataloging her "Voyager Mission"... capturing the Geometry of Her Heart... The Shape of Her Soul. This was her Final Mission, and I am both priveleged and honored to have accompanied Donna on this last flight... It devolves upon me, as Flight Lieutenant, to make out the Final Mission Report.

This is my Flight Report:
I report the Mission was a complete success, and without tragedy. The Mission Pilot and Flight Lieutenant have now completed their respective duties.

The Mission Pilot has expressed her confidence to complete the second part of the Mission without a Flight Lieutenant, and has elected to continue the long-range mission solo. This Flight Lieutenant will continue in service, in order to detail further mission-critical information, and Mission Progress.
Updates as they become available...

"The Only thing WE ever Found, that Made the Emptiness Bearable, is Each Other".

Up-Date #4: All sound tracks were up-loaded today, 25 May 2019, Day 686 +34 Minutes 34 Seconds.
Carry on... and Enjoy!

Note: These photos were taken at random, on-the-fly, and unposed for...
Donna is UN-STOPPABLE...

Play Donna's Anthem >  UN-STOPPABLE by E S Posthumous, and now Recall Donna... her Sublime Grace and her Blinding Fury...
(To start this track now, stop the track that is playing, if you clicked "Ask the Mountains".)

Donna Darkwolf's Voyager Begins Here

The Lord Milner Hotel. Maaitjiesfontein

Based on the following, I might imagine Donna has gone to The Great Restaurant in The Sky

Donna loved the Duchess of Wisbeach... it reminded her of her house in Durbanville...

Sunday lunches at Fisherman's Wharf... with me in one of the many Hawaaian shirts she gave to me

Sundown Dinner at Life Grand Cafe, Where Donna just wanted to watch the Sea, without chit-chat

Sundown Dinner at Mar e Sol, Where Donna just loved to watch the Sea

Dining in the Baroque Elegance of Kloof Street House

Donna Takes Me Out for Tiger Prawns at Mar e Sol

Donna Takes Me Out to Seal Island in Her Starry Shirt

We Prevail... at All Cost.

More than a Work of Art. Donna is a Piece of Work. You cannot replicate it. You cannot define it...
You cannot hold it. Nor can you adequately describe it... "This is the Genie Out of The Bottle"... LOL
And it is Just Unstoppable...