This Digital Memorial to Donna Darkwolf Vos

This Memorial is not complete without your active participation.
You are invited to submit your thoughts, accompanied by images.
Your deposition may not be more than 250 words. And must include your Name at the end.

She is a delight – to explore her Mind. She may be difficult at times (it appears). Inconsolable with logic(it appears). Nibbling down to the sheer basics (it appears). I was Donna's Minion, so I listened.
She so loved the Minions and Despicable Me.

Her Math is not great... But her mind is continually calculating every possible outcome, in any scenario. With cold, blue fire... to the Nth degree.

Donna is a gentle soul, who with little provocation, can become your worst nightmare. She knows that. I have her admissions of such.

We were lovers for a time... then we settled in to being adversaries. We were not fighting each other – so much as coming to terms with something in our each, own self.

She scolded me for being a “martyr”. Well, if doing right and being helpful, is being a “martyr”... well, Donna, you are welcome to your own opinion.
She was a "Goat-Footed Woman". Like a mountain goat.
How the hell do those creatures, with those hooves STICK to the side of a mountain precipice???
And its NOT magic. Fearless determination?
Stepping into harms way...?.... UNSTOPPABLE...

I explained that THAT was why I was some times referred to as the Stainless Steel Rat by my comerades... was because at the end of any shit thrown at me, I come out cold and shiny.

You can steal my heart and you can steal my soul. In the end – it is all shiny Steel.

Then you can look in me, and see yourself reflected. I am your mirror. You see yourself in me.
Donna and I? We saw ourselves in each other.

It has been a humbling experience to discover that through all this, I was HER hero.
I was never a hero. And if they ask what we were doing? You can tell them:

"We were doing our Job!"

The person who threatened my life is, it seems, was testing my steadfastness, to match her own goals.
In pretty much the same way that I tested her to the limits of cold, hard logic.

Donna Darkwolf and I were never just friends.
We were more like comrades-in-arms. Dont have to like each other. But you better be sure as Hell better be that upon which to depend upon, when the metal meets the meat.

Donna is and was my lover and my wife... yes. However, she was more than that.
I have lost my last good companion soldier.

My Beautiful Friend. My Donna...

Semper Fi.

Will fetch you in the morning.
In the Undiscovered Country...
I will find you.
3 out...