"Angel" by R. Armando Morabito - featuring Vocalist Julie Elven.

Adventure does not only consist of the surprise element...

I had said it to Donna a few days before she checked-out:
"Adventure does not only consist of the surprise element. It requires determination, discipline, focus.
All of which you have. You're the Pilot! YOU do the Flying! - I am YOUR Flight Engineer. I am here to support, fix things that break and ensure your mission success.


In response to our earlier discussion: "Adventure is made of surprises". That is why it is called “an adventure”.
Donna replied by e-mail > Friday, 26 December 2008, 11:36:54 PM:

"It is Time for change it is time for growth it is time for swearing a solemn oath.
Time to rethink all of my life.
Time to start over by using the scythe.
It is Time to discard what is useless to me
And focus on those things that will set me free
It is Time for fulfillment and peace in my soul
Time to repair and be made whole
It is about Time.
Velly velly interesting.
Is this all just a dream?

"I can feel my woman hood throbbing. I too am being awakened..

"My greatest gift is the ability to love deeply, unreservedly and completely

"I love you my left leg is still quivering

"I need u

I have read and understood “Beautiful on Her Back". What does the name Scheherezade mean? Ferocious promiscuity? I feel so much better. X

“Have hope or have nothing” – an sms u sent me which I did not understand. I understand now.

Now I use the words for u. good morning my immortal beloved, my husband. My man. My soldier.

"I want to love us.
"We are going to grow UP together. Not OLD together.

your immortal donna mia for christmas
my immortal love
Roma Victor! as always


She told me: "After You Have Been to Egypt, Find Me in Sirius. I Will be Waiting!"

Orion's Belt stands in the timeless sands of ancient Misr - modern day Egypt. It points at Sirius - the "Dog Star". Brightest star in the southern hemisphere. Makes sense. A Wolf is the archtype of "Dog", and Donna IS  The Darkwolf. A wise and cunning hunting dog. Faithful. Loyal and able to turn vicious - IF YOU CROSS HER.
EGYPT it IS. Then on to Sirius!

The Belt of Orion

Star Map - Ground PlanDrawn from the Norhtern Hemisphere

Orion to Sirius

You cannot possibly get lost now? You have a MAP!
I can imagine her saying to me.
In my head I can imagine: OK. LET's try to not fuck THIS up. There'll be hell to pay

Orion to Sirius

Star order of Orion's Belt, as seen from the Southern Hemisphere. A shirt Donna's mother designed and made.
The first tme I saw it - I told Donna: "Those three stars! That is Orion's Belt".