“The Moldau” by Smetana

The Dragon Must Fly Again

Attached to Donna Darkwolf’s last love letter to me: My letter of support to her

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Sent:04 July 2017 10:34 PM
Subject:The Dragon must fly again

And I could easily fall from grace
Then another would take my place
For the chance to behold your face

As the days of my life are but grains of sand
As they fall from your open hand
At the call of the wind's command

Many words are spoken when there's nothing to say
They fall upon the ears of those who don't know the way
To read between the lines, that lead between the lines, that lead me to you

All that I ask you
Is, show me how to follow you and I'll obey
Teach me how to reach you I can't find my own way
Let me see the light, let me be the light
And so, with no warning, no last goodbye
In the dawn of the morning sky
The Dragon must fly again

My Love to You – Mia Donna

You are my Song
I am just The Condottore -
The Conductor

You Fly, Captain

I am your Flight Lieutenant

Get you outta here in One Piece.
AirMobile 3
“Roma Victor!”

End of Line