“Our Wedding Day" by Ronan Hardiman (Donna shared the track with me off YouTube, a short while before her mission: "let's get married again :D". Such is my shiny wife.

In Her Heart - She is in Egypt

Meeting Donna for the first time is an experience. One comes into a Presence. Words failed me...
When she travelled in Egypt, people on the pavements would shout "Nefertiti! Nefertiti!" Who was the Queen of Egypt.
"The Beautiful Woman". because of her robes, and her regal posture. And her NOSE!
People follwed her, and tried to kiss her hand.
Donna flowed through it all.
Like a mermaid in water.

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White Witch

Donna Sophia


Film Star

"Let Me Tell YOU Something"

Like a Lone Wolf...
Because wolves are independent.
They may work together - but you can never tell when one of them might  go solo... one just might.Watch me!

Full-Leather Fairy-Tail?

Phases of the Moon

Donna Darkwolf's logo for her organization - Circle of the African Moon - which she led for about 20 years

Donna at Lord Milner Hotel. Matjiesfontein

Finally... There ARE No Words