"Sweet Sailing" by Trio Leo

Above: "Ishtar at The Gate". A Painting I did about 15 years before I met Donna. One of many that I did fantasizing about finding one such as the Donna Darkwolf.

Facets of My Life by Donna Darkwolf

In the Topic "Facets of My Life", you will find all of these. An exchange of e-mails that reveals the details of the Donna Darkwolf's richly layered life. Her thoughts and emotions, and her spiritual adventure.

These exchanges will dispel any doubts you may have about the state of Donna Darkwolf's mind before she picked up her spear and her shield and marched off bravely, into
The Undiscovered Country.

  • Dinner Day 1000
  • Lunch by the Ocean
  • Love Dining Out
  • In The Country
  • Donna Sofia First Anniversary
  • 9th Anniversary
  • My Blue Eyed Girl
  • Foam on the Sea - Part 1
  • Foam on the Sea - Part 2
  • My Garden of Light
  • I Have My Guardians
  • Only You Knew Where to Find Me
  • The Day Before You Came
  • Et Si Tu N'exitais Pas
  • Like The Sun All Over Me
  • Strega Needs a Steak
  • Like The Sun All Over Me
  • The Synchronicity of Numbers
  • The Girl Who Plays My Heart
  • My Only Franco
  • In Love with Arizona
  • Take Me Dancing
  • The Spirit and The Grace
  • Last Dance With You
  • We Have Each Other
  • I Will Be Your Angel
  • Testimony
  • When I Look In Your Eyes
  • What I Fell In Love With
  • Troopers Lament
  • Birthday Girl
  • There Will Come a Day
  • Can This Be All That There Is
  • All the Time
  • What You Can Expect of Me
  • Your Love of Me
  • There is NO Stopping
  • Picking Up Snails
  • Sunday Lunch
  • Your Only Bella Donna
  • Gravity's Angel
  • Fish & Chips
  • Curry Tonight
  • My Eulogy
  • My Battle Hymn
  • If I Know What is Love
  • I Know U Love Me
  • Imperatrix Mundi Queen of the World
  • Via Via - Away Away
  • I Saw Your Ship
  • Say Hello For Me
  • Genie Out of The Bottle
  • Rise My Phoenix
  • Dear Doctor Fairuz
  • Au Revoir - But Not Goodbye
  • Never Think Twice
  • Of Course I Still Love You
  • Farewell to A Hero
  • Historia de Un Amor
  • Seeds of Madness
  • May I Write Your Story
  • Mad About You
  • It Is About Time
  • Last Love Letter - Part 1
  • Last Love Letter - Part 2
  • My Farewell for the Cops
  • Letter to The Cops
  • Wind Beneath My Wings
  • Donna and The Moon
  • Could I Have Done Any Different
  • Donna's Big Book of Spells
  • Open Letter to My Friends
  • I Prefer Magick
  • All My Tomorrows
  • The Unstoppable Donna Darkwolf
  • My Only Love and Beautiful Friend
  • I Promise I Will Fetch You
  • Your Donna Strega
  • If I Know What Is Love
  • Little Mermaid
  • The Dragon Must Fly Again
  • The History of My Life
  • Donna at Ritual
  • Donna on the March
  • Farewell Darkwolf
  • 250 Words
  • When the Angels Ask Me
  • Donna in Cosmopolitan
  • My Beautiful Serpent
  • Donna @ Carte Blanche
  • Imperatrix Mundi - Queen of The World
  • The Film Star
  • HOT
  • Once a Witch
  • Always a Witch
  • The Goddess Ma'at - Feather of Truth
  • Visions On A Mud Ball
  • You Took My Breath Away
  • We Are Forever Entangled
  • My Water-Bearer
  • HERO
  • The History of My Life
  • In The Mouth of The Wolf
  • Donna Darkwolf's Magical Messenger
  • Journey
  • Life With The Darkwolf
  • La Belle Dame
  • Wardrobe of a Pagan Priestess
  • Interview with a Priestess
  • I Have Always Painted Her
  • Donna Darkwolf's Shirt Exhibition
  • Dining Adventures
  • Mission Egypt
  • Journey to Egypt > The Pyramids
  • From Egypt to Orion
  • Sirius and Orion
  • She said: Find Me on Sirius
  • 777 the Magic Number
  • Vision of the Emerald Beyond
  • 777 Days Since Donna
  • Day 777 Visiting Donna
  • WOLF is One of Us
  • Last Long Run with WOLF
  • Gunship Calypso Friday
  • Breath of Angels
  • Donna's Dark Wolf
  • Love Letters, Straight from Her Heart

    ... "It is the only way for me to be free of this world.

    Yes… with your love all around me I live in a safer place
    You and I can never be free from each other
    For we are etrernally bound
    Two halves of the same Soul.

    Bésame Mucho!
    Take me dancing my franco
    And Bésame Mucho!

    Your Donna Strega Belissima XXXXXXX :D