“Farewell” by Zbigniew Preisner

WOLF and Us at the Lord Milner Hotel. Matjiesfontein

Mission: The Alert Pilot
This piece of music came up on the radio as I was driving to give my Donna Ragazza her last farewell kiss good-bye, and see her off into the Undiscovered Country.
21 July 2017. 21 is divisible by Se7en. Just another "Donna Coincidence". I had just raced The WOLF into 5th on the freeway.
I had Borg's painting and all the Donna Darkwolf's photos she had requested to accompany her on her Voyager Mission.
Priesner's "Farewell" is a welcome and fitting tribute to the Journey of a Hero. My Hero.

Donna loved the peace and tranquility of the gardens and the River at the Lord Milner. She wanted to be out here for the 2016 Winter Solstice.

She drove WOLF like the wind... and we were here for lunch. It was the last time she drove WOLF.
Her driving skills were failing and she did not want to damage her "Precious Wolf" .

Donna Darkwolf, Drifting in Contemplation

My Shiny Wife: Who can know. "The Only thing We ever found, that made the Emptiness bearable,
Was Each Other."
"A Witch and a Soldier - One hell of a Team!" And she would laugh>>>