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Donna Darkwolf and The Mystery of The Number Se7en

Serendepity... Coincidence... Divine Intervention...
Does your god work in strange ways?
Does your dog work at Strangeways Facility for the Mentally Impaired ?
What ever your answer is... Who cares?
This is about Number 7

"You Found Me!", she said, when we first met... As if this was something I already knew I was supposed to know, I was supposed to do.
I did not know what she meant, then. I DO Now.

What you are about to discover, happens ONLY WHEN I AM ON A MISSION FOR DONNA.
So I am full of anticipation: What seat will I have on the plane to Egypt?. What will my room number be at the Novotel Cairo International? Or the vehicle registration of my Guide, Doaa? As I go to bury Donna's hair at the South Face of one of the Se7en Wonders of the World. The Great Pyramid of Gizeh.

I have shared this with some of you. Here is the evidence. It is a Private Investigation... not a public enquiry.

I have a hobby, when I am driving... add up all the numbers on a registration plate to see what the sum will be. Or, noticing unusual combinations: Reflected 845 548; Recursive 61 62 63; Recurring 41 51 61. The other day I saw 245369. That means there are many 245 xxx driving around. Five minutes into the traffic, I passed 245997. Just shy of the end of the 245 Series.

There are four critical numbers to Donna's saga. 7 and 17, which are Prime Numbers, divisible only by themselves, and 1. And 10 and 21. 21 is divisible only by 7 and 3 which are Prime Numbers. 10 is divisible by 5 (a Prime Number) and by 2, which add up to 7.

7 is the day Donna departed - Significance = Very High.
10 is the day I had to go ID her at the morgue - Significance = Moderate.
17 is the day I went to kiss her Farewell - Significance = High.
21 is the day I went to collect her ashes - Significance = Occasional. AND, the one other number DIVISIBLE by 7.

This is a Photographic Essay - Souvenirs of The Safe Amnesia of History

:: It is a testimonial. A testimonial in the form of a diary :: a diary presented as an exhibition of photos and textual material. A text that is of a statement, supported by photographic evidence – of all kinds and types. A photographic library, described as annotations. Extracts from letters written to you. Extracts from letters you wrote to me. About the Love In My Life, My life of love and loving.
And my life of you that loved me – in spite of my own arrogant stupidity, And, of which I have so much to owe to that one particular Isis who brought me to Life, with her one single kiss.

This Is Your Song... Donna, the 7th Beautiful Witch in My Life

- Ésta Es Mi Canción It is a theme of encapsulated moments – like Chinese boxes, each inside one a little larger... The world contains a life, which itself contains a story. The story contains dreams, predictions that came true, as well as Detailed accounts. Imagined outcomes. And outcomes resolved in reality’s harsh Light of the World – which cannot its-self contain these, for they appear to be too fantastical...

The brighter it is - the less you may see.

The Saga Begins: Let Us Be Clear. I Did Not Look for This. It Just So Happened...

It started with the transfer of ownership of the Wolf Mobile...She said I could not keep the "WOLF 888" vehicle registration plate, and that I would have to get my own registration number. So! Here is the evidence. Downloadable. Verifiable. Will stand up in court.

My Application for WOLF 777

I was in the DMV with the forms and the cash to pay for 777, at the counter,when Donna called.
A Year to the day she died.

Donna's Change of Mind

Half asleep: "You can keep the 888". So that night, I wrote out the transfer application. She signed it.

Final Application for WOLF 888

And I submited new forms for the 888. Along with her transfer request. A Year to the day, I went to the morgue to ID her body.


For passing my licence Re-test in July 2016

SO WHY????

did she write 2017? The last time I kissed her lips, at the funeral salon. And the same day in October 2018, when her memorial bench went up on Blouberg Beach... Remember "17".

3 Airmobil - Registration ZWVQ

My ship 3 Airmobil???
AIRMOBIL = 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 + 6 + 2 + 9 + 3 = 43...4+3 = 7
Registration ZWVQ: 8+5+4+8 = 25 AND 2 + 5 = 7
In the 122 B Company B=2 – 1+2+2+2 = 7
My Service NO: 775 718 109...
Just ONE digit difference from the 776 7 on her Cremation Certificate...
Remember this Number...7767

So Much for The Back Ground

Let's Get Started on The Beautiful Story... "ROMA VICTORIA!!!"

A Strange Story

This is the envelope - click to read Donna's last written note.

Final Message...

On the back of the the note

Birthday Snail - 01-01-2018

One of 4 gifts she left me. So she bought this Snail some time before her departure... And the last living creature she had contact with in her apartment, on this Planet, the night she marched into The Undiscovered Country... "Roma Victoria!"- which coincides with the Four of Hearts card I was to find 7 months later on the anniversary of her Cremation.

Dealing With The Dearly Departed

Well let's see how you take this... All the photos you are going to see have the original Time Stamp.
ie: 20180923_111436 - meaning 23 September 2018 at 11:14 and 36 seconds

A Strange Story

In making all of Donna’s arrangements, 7 kept re-occurring... Only 7 out of 10 phone numbers contained a "7".
And our Funeral Policy...
THIS, is when it started...

The Only Three

So this is 7 July 2018. Donna's Anniversary, when I got the notion for the bench. Of all the vehicles parked there... only 3 have 7's in them. The Bench is to be in line with this POV and the far Cross.

Guess Where Donna's Estate...

is going? Into our Joint Account, that we opened on Sat. 16 July 2016.
6 + 1 = 7... why not? LOL.
Balance starts with "7", the day she took off, first digit of her Cremation Certificate...etc
What else could I expect on
10 July 2018?

Once is An Accident. Twice is a Coincidence. Three Times... A Wake-Up Call

Well let's see how you take this... All the photos you are going to see, have the original Time Stamp.
ie: 20180923_111436 - meaning 23 September 2018 at 11:14 and 36 seconds

11:14 Breakfast at Ons Huisie

While I am driving out here to have breakfast where Donna and ate many times, I thought I would recce a spot for her memorial bench. While I am having breakfast at Ons Huisie this pulls in. White Ford Mustang GT 777...

11:42 After My Recce

23 September. After breakfast I do a recce of spot where I want to place Donna's bench. As I am getting into WOLF, I look back and here's this Blue Audi 7767. The number on Donna's Cremation plaque and certificate. Her bench will be right in front of this car.

As I Leave My Attorney

I told my attorney, Roland, about all these 7's - because of the sum being transferred and the account number it was going into... and as I leave, just one block from his office. This photo one year to the day of ID'ing Donna's body... 10 July

The Slow Start is Over. That Was Just a Warning Shot Across the Bow.

Strap in People! We want alert Pilots, and heads on a swivel. We need you to turn on all you've got.
You are now tracking one of the HARDEST TARGETS YOU WILL EVER TRACK...
Look Lively! This IS NOT an exercise!

And it has a 1.25 Light Year head start. Get On...!

17 July... The Last Kiss

Last time I kissed her Goodbye.
I was at the Nelson Mandela Gateway Museum, at the Waterfront. Found this card in the childrens play area.
4 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 16. 6 + 1 = 7
Also on the 17th, the Wolf goes in for new engine mounts.
See the Bill.
WOLF goes in for engine mount replacements,on the anniversary of Donna's Cremation and the cost is equal to the anniversary of receiving her Ashes.
7 + 5 + 7 + 2 = 21. Go Figure!

Gifts for My Legal People

20 July 2018. I had decided to get gifts for the Advocate, Chunilal Roche, at the Master of the High Court who had helped me, and for my Attorneys assistant. This is the address of the place I went to collect their fruit baskets. Chunilal is one of the kindest people I have ever met...

The Baskets Could Have Cost...

R498? R645? R869?
That would have been too easy!
And on 21 July, when I delivered the basket to Chunilal, she cried on my shoulder. She was mourning a departed friend from the year before, who passed away on 21 July.
The day I received Donna's Ashes

Story of The Stainless Steel Rat

20 September. 08:57. On my to drop off the two pieces of steel for polishing...

Steal My Heart & Steal My Soul...

And all you have left is The Steel.
21 September 09:49. On my way to see the bench factory... to inspect the product. The Last day I saw Donnas face...

The Stainless Steel Rat - Part. IIa

28 September. On my way to collect the two steel plaques. A BMW X5 like this, registration 7707 WP, passed me. We were at 120 on the free-way, so I couldn't get a pic...

The Stainless Steel Rat - Part. IIb

Like the car outside my attorneys office... Close, but NO Cigar! Almost Donna's Cremation Certificate... 77___7

And the Destination Address?

12 October. After a day of research and phone calls, I got this outfit...
Never even noticed the address, until now.
10th when I ID'd her body & 17th Our Last Kiss Goodbye in One Shot.

The Stainless Steel Rat - Part. III

13 October. On my way to deliver the two steel plaques. to the workshop that will do the laser etching on the plaques... Almost Donna's Cremation Certificate... 776_7

Donna's Number in Reverse

12 October, as I drive out of my building. I have the two polished steel plaques. Now I Need a laser etching company... Almost Donna's Cremation Certificate... 7767 - just reversed... Hmmm...


W>T>F. 15 Oct. I collect the etched plaques. This is opposite the laser etching company. And it is the only day in October that I can get the contractor who is going to put Donna's bench on the beach. Day of out last kiss goodbye... not enuough?

Donna's Land Lady

20 Oct. Mabelle and I are going to a show at the Artscape Theatre. She lives one block from Our apartment at Newark Mansions, Kenilworth

My Seat at the Theatre?

Mabelle bought the tickets. I let her walk the row first. She sat in #18 and I got to sit in??? Seat 17
Where else?

Some of You May Recall...

W>T>F. The Car Guards at at the Brass Bell, the day we celebrated Donna's march into The Undiscovered Country...

In Her Heart - She is in Egypt

Like in "Bucket List"... I will bury her hair and steel plaque in the mid-point 0f the North Face of the Great Pyramid, and cast the almost last of her dust to the Timeless Sands of Egypt.

Private Investigation

It's a mystery to me
The game commences
For the usual fee. Plus expenses
Confidential information
Words in a diary. My investigation
Not a public inquiry...
Chk Serial # WO 117-740-1006
The Critical Dates: 17... 7... 10

Oh..."At What Cost?", You Ask?

If you did not Believe in Magic...
Believe me...
You'll come around. Trust Me
In Her Heart... She Is In Egypt

Transporter: Emirates Policy

Transporting Human Remains. In an air-tight container. Donna loves purple... I'll get her a purple tupperware container.
What are the chances of finding the ONLY PURPLE BOX on 25 October? Chk Time Stamp of picture... Oh! (5 + 2 = 7)

The Sublime Intervention of FATE

This web-site revision was SUPPOSED to go live on the 21st... in order to stay in pace with the order of Numbers. The 21st being the day I collected Donna's ashes. Due to a server compromise, all the pass words had been changed and I could not publish.
It was late Sunday night and I had no way to get a hold of my service provider.
FATE! "You've Got to Pick up Every Stitch
Donna's Season Of The Witch

It's Getting Late

Remember. You asked for this.
Just as Donna said: "Witches and Soldiers Are Not People".

"We exist in a place, and a space, no human could ever LIVE in –
Without Sheer WILL!"
"It is a space one EXISTS IN".
“It is inside your SKIN. And you must LIVE in IT.”
“Forever separate from human existence”.

My Beautiful Wolf.

My Shiny Wife. Mi Companheiro di Vida Longa. The sister of my Soul. My Only Hero.
My Dreamy Girl. My last of 7 Witches
The Mouth of my mouth. And the Ear of my ear.
The Eye of my eyes
The Breath of my breath. Angels like us... LISTEN...

"I Will Fetch You in The Morning..."


Even Eternity will never Be Enough.

You will hear us inbound:
The Breath of Angels...
For One Thousand Yards.

You were right, My Love....
We are not "people".
We skipped a beat. Forget about that part...
I WILL Fetch you in The Morning.
Ts Time to SHINE...
SEMPER FI! An Honour and a Priveledge To fly with you.
"Touch Down in Ten - In Heavy.... stand by... "
"We're In The Pipe... Five by Five!
"If they ASK you... TELL THEM!...
I Was Doing! MY JOB'..."

In The Saga of Se7en - it Had To Be

Go and See Donna's Bench on Blouberg Beach