Interview with The Witch, Donna Darkwolf

I Think One Should Tell a Beautiful Story...

"Yes my love...Tell a beautiful story with Your Life. No one else can".

In this following series: The images have been taken from a TV interview with The Donna Darkwolf on MNet.

The words have been taken from various writings that my Shiny Wife exchanged with me.

I am variously Donna's "MINION", and "beautiful soldier"

The Darkwolf may be your Arch-Priestess. But at home she is my WIFE. At lunch she is merely "My Beautiful Girl". And at bathtime she is "My Bella Ragazza".

"I would rather die in your arms - than live without you. she wrote".
My Lady in Black lives inside the fire of my heart. Protected and Safe

When I find my Dog of War - on the Dog Star, Sirius VI? Find my Darkwolf. Running... my Dark Wolf of My Heart.
My dark-haired girl. I will be Home!

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