"Historia De Un Amor". A Story of Love (Instrumental)

One of Donna’s favourite dinner-time slow tango’s, around our large kitchen as we prepared dinner.
"Come! Soldier Mine! A slow tango if you please... Take your Only Love! Your Unica Amore! And dance me to Love..."

My Donna Did Not Have an Easy Life

This is a Final Note, from me, Franco. The author of the Donna Darkwolf’s life and times.

Of all the people in this world, apart from her parents, I lived with Donna the longest.

There are people that have known Donna longer than I have. That have lasting and deep friendships with her, who love her.

But none of them has lived through Donna’s life, Second by Second.

Why Am I Writing This?

In building this website dedicated to My Only Love and Beautiful Friend – I have relived all those moments.

These missives and e-mails demonstrate. The Love we cherished together, and reflect only some of Donna’s Love, anguish and darkest moments.

This is written so as to leave no doubt in your mind about the Clarity of Donna’s Mind.

Donna was a brilliant scholar. A deeply profound philosopher. A caring and nurturing Teacher and Counsellor. An ordained Priestess.
A Published Author. A riveting Lecturer.

With her deeply Spiritual beliefs in Life, Love and the Mother Universe, she was an Arch-Priestess heartily dedicated to her Wiccan and Pagan religion.

A fierce believer in The Truth, and fighting tooth and claw against injustice. Donna was a Practitioner of Goodness toward the poor and destitute
that she encountered. A lover of Animals and their care and well-being.

However, the Donna Darkwolf was bi-polar, and thus given to extreme mood-swings between elation and depression.

On top of that, she had several physical ailments, which I will not talk about here.

Nonetheless, the struggle against her ailments and her bi-polar condition gave rise to a cloud of ever-spiralling decent into an unsurmountable grief.

The Darkwolf’s brave decision to pick up her spear and her shield, and march resolutely and boldly into
The Undiscovered Country, was an easy choice for her.

It was HER BEST RATIONAL EXIT CHOICE,  based on all the possible future outcomes of the cause of her degenerating health.

There was no despair, nor sadness, nor desperation in her decision.

As Donna said to me:
“This is a War! A soldier commits to battle – not to dying.

When soldiers go to war, to fight in great battles, no one calls their actions 'suicide'.

Theirs is the action of BRAVE COURAGE!”

Her last acts in This World were to have One Last Tango, before going out to her favourite curry Restaurant for our Last Supper, together.”

As Donna Darkwolf's faithful Flight Lieutenant (and favorite Minion), I would be remiss in my Duty to report on the condition of the Captain's mental stability.

Let my report reflect that this Flight Officer, Franco, concurred with the judgement of the Captain.

I seek no relief. My Shiny Wife,  The Donna Darkwolf ordained her final action.

We got out in "One Piece. She, Me, and WOLF".

She was, in the parlance: "Fit For Service".
In military parlance: "Of Uncommon Valour".

Furthermore, let this report reflect that this Flight Officer, is bound by oath and treaty, to uphold the judgement of the Captain.

Let the report reflect that this Flight Officer, Franco, concurred with the judgement of the Captain.

The Donna Darkwolf was HAPPY. Relaxed. Totally at ease with herself.

We never ever said: “Goodbye”.

Just our usual lingering, passionate kiss.

Raindrops on The Sea - La Historia de Nuestro Amor Sin Temporizador

“You were always the reason for my existence
Siempre fuiste la razón de mi existir

Worshiping you was religion for me
Adorarte para mí fue religión

In your kisses I found the warmth that love and passion gave me
En tus besos yo encontraba el calor que me brindaba el amor y la pasión

It is the story of a love like there is no other like it
Es la historia de un amor como no hay otra igual

That made me understand all the good all the bad
Que me hizo comprender todo el bien todo el mal

That gave birth to my life
Que le dio luz a mi vida