“Winelands Drive with My Donna" by Trio Leo
Donna believed this is her 'Celebration Song' because of my "Devotion" to her.

This is What You Can Expect From Me, Bella Donna

Saturday afternoon, drinking wine in Donna's sunlit garden.

from:  Franco design@franco.co.za
to:  Donna darkwolf@netactive.co.za
date:  Mar 7, 2017, 8:08 PM
subject:  Dígalo a mi Corazón::

Donna Darkwolf Ragazza Mia

Know this Is What You Can Expect From Me.

There are women we see just once, and we see them completely… and others that we only discover little by little. Like you, Donna Conchita ...my Mnemosyne and My Isis…
I never fully found you. Always transformed, you ran away, re-appeared enriched, turned over your golden fruit and fled once more with the hope, but not the certainty of your return. You, my pretty bronze crab. Moving gracefully over lifes rock's and washed in the oceans warm swell.
I wished to be that ocean to wash your skin.
To be that ocean that brought you life.

I wanted to find the harmony of the contradiction that nibbled away at the apple of my life. To find La Conchita without ever finding her completely, was like never returning to a place, experiencing the comfort of recovering it there, but knowing that I would never completely know it or understand it. Like the secret of my soul.

I place my life at risk, and close my eyes for a moment while I smell your dark hair – and pray that I will never fully understand you, that there will never be a third desire in my life, that I will never be tempted again to include my erotic life in the collective disorder in which I have sometimes found myself.

I know that you have your own dream. I met you in the garden of our spirits… You dream that you never left that garden: as in some ancient book illustrated with the romanticized image of our sweet childhood. The curious girl opens her bed-room window to see the forest and venture out into it, but the forest had another door to a garden and that garden yet another door to a park, and the park led to a jungle, and the jungle to the sea – which is the most mutable garden of all.

I thought that I had found you in that garden – never knowing that you had lived in gardens all your life – and that it was an illusion to think that I could have found you anywhere else. I have not just found you – because I realize that the garden has not been fully explored by me - but if I had to reach the end of the exploration, the doors of this storybook could well be the lock on your bedroom door, Conchita – My dark-haired girl of my heart. Ah... Donna

I never knew of a morning with you,
My Mistress, Mi Corazón
That when I awoke, I was not happy.
My heart sung just to see your eyes…
And, when I sleep and see you in my dreams,
And swim in secret oceans,
Listening for your song here in The Deep
Your whisper of the Emerald Beyond…
Revives me ... Beckons…
I spent my life time loving you.
A River of Time

And just as Noah's dove
I fly up the river...
To the One I Love
Into The Light

Into the Emerald Beyond.
Semper Fidelis... Corazon Mi.
Vamonos! Como Viento!
We Go! Like the Wind!
Take my hand...
Run with me....
If we get separated... do not fear
I will find you...
I WILL Fetch You in the Morning, my Shiny Wife
"Pamwe Chete"
My good love, and beautiful friend.
We have no choice but to Keep Moving Forward
We go to where we have always lived...
Warriors, in battle.

You are My Hero, Donna Darkwolf

The best of Hunting Wolves. My Donna Darkwolf...
My Beautiful "Strega Donna Ragazza!"
And the Last "Soldier" to serve with me...
WE are each, the Last of our Kind. Together...
My Shiny Wife - My Beautiful Friend

You are the Last of Your Kind.
The Last Witch
As, I am the last of my Air 3 Crew
I fly in the sky with you
Where we were always meant to be
You on your broomstick. Me in my gunship.
Me in my tower in the sky
You in the Garden of the boundless Ocean.
From our lounge wall - to Infinity - Fly, My Love
Dance Me to The End of Love

Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin
Dance me through the panic till I'm gathered safely in
Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove
Dance me to the end of love

Oh, let me see your beauty when the witnesses are gone
Let me feel you moving like they do in Babylon
Show me slowly what I only know the limits of Dance me to the end of love...

Go bravely, Soldier.
I will find you again.
This is my promise
This is What You Can Expect From Me

Your faithful Minion, Flight Lieutenant and Chief Cook & Bottle-Washer

Hey, Darkwolf, Lighten up...
At least you can look forward to me officiating as you yourself would.

I learned from you so well, Donna Mia.
I love you as much as the first time I laid my eyes upon you.

We have Forever

PS. In case I forgot to tell you I love you today?...

Don't worry. I will...)))

Here's your MINIONS!!!! You have to wonder what the two at the back on the gantry are doing...

Minions on A Lunch Break

One of Donna's favorite "Minion" images. I'm the one at far left - eating Donna's chocolate bar. Apparently. By her reasoning: two of the Minions are supervisors, or foremen... In the white helmets... In Charge. And ONLY ONE of them is happy!