"Dining at Home with my Donna" by Trio Leo 

I cook. She lights candles. I just love to watch Donna set our table. We dance. I serve dinner. She pours our wine. We dine...

Donna wrote me this letter on 3 July 2017. For delivery in 2020. From the header I can see she e-mailed it to the print shop.
So she could collect it while she was doing her Monday shopping. As she did with all her printing requirements.
I must have picked her up as always, on the roof parking as usual. To drive her and our house keeper to her place, with all her shopping.

She would always be excited and say something like: "I feel so special to have my Minion to chauffer me. So nice and Five Star!"
This letter, in all liklihood was in her bag, in a pretty red envelope. To mail into the future. A future she would not be here for.
Such hope - and love. She always watched the details.

A Thousand Days. A Thousand Kisses Deep - Mail from Eternity Part II

(Preamble: I put this latest letter at the top of the pile. Although I received it today 3 April 2020, or opened it as directed, more than 2 years after Donna's dust-off, it demonstrates her inventiveness.)

3 april 2020

My franco

It has been 1000 days since my flight into the undiscovered country.
i love your name for it. Now its an ACTUAL PLACE.

i sing a thousand kisses deep. eternity is just time passing/not passing, in the undiscovered country
(A Thousand Kisses Deep was one of Donna's favorite Leonard Cohen Songs)

it's friday night, the moon is out, and you have made us such a wonderful dinner. (She checked the Lunar Calendar)
made me dance to un Historia de Amor, Veniste Mi, malaguena and my my favorite BESA ME MUCHO
And as we dine out on our patio with candles fluttering in the breeze, I can see you.
I ALWAYS see you, loving me with your eyes, as you always do (that is apart from those few times when they are so dark with anger at my violent behaviour -
I feel like i am looking down the barrel of a gun. or when they just turn to steel when someone else pisses you off)

and as our glasses clink you will ask me: "have I told you today, that I love you?"
of course, i have to say, as I have done for 10 years: "no you haven't!"
and as every other time, you smile and say: "dont worry. I will".
and I know you will, because you have been saying you love me all day.
kissing me all day. could ANY woman be kissed so much: i dont care. Besa Me!
Part of you travels with me. your love travels with me. I know you love me. I just love to melt, hearing you say it.

I imagine we would go to franschoek or constantia for lunch tomorrow, where I can be driven through the
countryside and be entertained by my PERSONAL minion. LOL
you make my life so wonderful. make me so special. I have my own MINION!

just like you me and WOLF driving in the countryside.
travelling on beyond is the one thing we all do by ourselves

i am sure you have carried yourself well - being the soldier you are

i am sure you will feel strange reading this letter, and seeing my post card from the edge of beyond.
I love you so much, i have to reach you. i am doing what YOU said YOU would do.
I am that katana you made. So sharp and shiny.
Now you can take me dancing to Perfidia....xxxx

now I want you to get that small, mirrored, "i love you plaque" that i gifted you, and peel off the back

you can fit it back together easily.

i have left you with a beautiful treasure.
tonight over cape town there is a half-moon rising.
just like the night we brought WOLF home in 2008.
give my precious WOLF a kiss from me
Pour yourself a scotch and lift your glass to your one and ONLY darkwolf and the moon

just as we all have, i have now arrived here from a distant shore.

i can recall my people somewhat. but i have a very strong memory of you.

As I told you the first night we met, and so many times since, i have always known you
the reason i was so happy that november when we finally met again
and you told me little things about egypt you imagined, that you can only know by having been there
And you have not been there in this life
i know how you know

as i have intimated in the past (past life? hahaha) i know exactly what i am looking at - when i look at you.

i am sad that you cannot be with me, my beautiful soldier. but i have done this all before, on my own.
and so will you. again.

and you will find me again.

i know you will

Aristotle said "love is composed of a single soul, inhabiting two bodies"

it has been two journeys now. two life times that we can recall - and you have found me twice before -
perhaps in our next life-time together we may journey together at last.

you have made me believe in myself and the warrior priestess i am
my soldier boy

i thank you for your undying love, your boundless energy and your forebearance.
and also for making me laugh SO MUCH over the years... MY MINION!!!

i await meeting you again, my franco, so that you can call me "my love" again
I love hearing you say "my love"

look out for me. my face has not changed since Egypt.

i am still your "Nefertiti"

you just have to be in the right country.

We have met in the north, and now in the south.

so north of the equator will be next. egypt which i love - and where i am certain you have now buried my hair and thrown some of my ashes.

or places that i travelled and feel drawn to like italy france spain portugal. on the mediterannean, where we started. Meet me in paris XXX. i love paris

Find me again. it is not difficult for a silver-tongued wolf such as you.
I will be waiting for you to fetch me, as you always do, my franco.

Watch for the little black bird! As long as you remember me, like your lady in black,
I will never be far away from you, mi corazon.

ROMA VICTOR!  i love you my beautiful soldier and my own franco

Your Donna Ragazza

Your Shiny Wife

Your Donna Mia

Your Immortal Beloved

Your Carissima bella

Your Eternal Donna Strega Mia

Your Little Mermaid

Your Bella Strega

Your Witchy Wife

Your Corazon

Your Witchy Love

Your Nefertiti

Your Beautiful Friend

Your Strega Ragazza

Your Warrior Priestess

Your Dog of War

Your Darkwolf

Your Huntress of a Billion Worlds


and of course "My LOVE!"

All the names by which you have ever addressed me by... LOL

Think of me as smoothe and shiny. And sharp. Just as you are.
Find Me. I want to be with you.

Finally, i live in your heart and mind. there is NO space between us anymore. x
mi corazon. Donna Mia

OF COURSE! The Donna Ragazza - AS USUAL... found the Right Card! Love It!

My Donna and The Sea

Donna in the low-tide surf. Sunday morning, at Blouberg Beach on our way to breakfast at "Ons Huisie" Restaurant that she loved so much
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