“Driving with Donna Mia"
WOLF and I, by Donna. "My Guardians", she screeches, gayly from the other side of the road, as she snaps away...

"I Am Fine Here - I Have My Guardians"

From Donna, 6 weeks after we had decided to live apart, so that she could have the space to work through her various thoughts and issues.
We did not want to. It was just safer for both of us. And we still went to dinners, and lunches on the weekends. And I was just a phone call away if she needed anything

from:  Donna darkwolf@netactive.co.za
to: moreno franco morenofranco.design@gmail.com
date: Mar 13, 2016, 9:36 PM
subject: i am fine here

It still feels like we are together.
Lunch at cape to cuba today was as wonderful as lunch at fishermans wharf yesterday.
thank you for making this such a wonderful week-end. havent been to cape point in ages
i know I was nervous, but getting to drive WOLF again was magic - even if you had to make me. LOL.

Your room door is NEVER open. Its sacred space in there.

I sleep with my door open now – need a view of all doors. just as you taught me. spider in the middle of the web. alert pilot.
And I see your closed door and it is as if u r asleep there as I pad around at all hours of the morning.
Its as if uve never gone.

My soldier... I know I can get you here with one phone call

have you and my wolf on my doorstep
i have my guardians. MY LOVELY MINION!


Donna's Minion Sings Her a Love Song

Sung to the tune of "I Swear" (IN Minionese) LOL

Ah... lapo da
Ta la chi mato lina
Labadi hochi
La notaaa

Wu planachii... les ji
Faut pas pousser
La mamie

Lakareh lireywii
Gih leh byaaa
Mah ko rehhh

La pahkreh lehguari
Teh lah keh
Lah peh leh

Lachez pi libida
Et let gua
Lah gua rehhh

Les show lee le du
Lah keh rey dee su
Bleh ahh boh dee su re kah
Zohh reh kah laaa

Ah tu, le amo ti underwear