"Misirlou" by Terry Snyder and The All Stars. Donna dancing in our Garden of Earthly Delights.
Mine own Scheherezade - dancing for me across the Landscape of Our Dream.

Bésame Mucho! Take Me Dancing...

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date:  May 05, 2011, 6:44AM
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Where is the Spirit?

Where is the Power?

Human endeavor is not measured by dreams and desires, but by action.
Yet, without those dreams and desires – there can BE no action.

That is why there is a “target” or a “goal”. A purpose to life.

That is why we excel.

Often against all odds.

Because we MUST.

Sometimes under the most trying of conditions that discomfort us to the utmost.
And to paying the ultimate price
With our life if the need arises.

Or we die trying.

We do this because we believe in a future.

And the perfect knowledge that: what does not kill us, makes us stronger.

The road to strength – in ourselves and in our belief - in our Self - is more than a test of our resolve to overcome adversity.

It is so that we overcome our Own Self and be renewed thereby.

To overcome, and dissipate our own personal fears and private hell’s.

And discover what makes us human.

Be assured that There Really IS a Hell.
It’s residents are composed for the most part of those who never could see the opportunity...

NOT Even as it was handed to them upon a plate.
Hell is A Truth Learned Too Late!

The balance are made up from those who saw opportunity – and did nothing with the knowledge.

To them "opportunity is missed, because it is dressed in overalls, and looks like work", to paraphrase Thomas Edison.
Their Hell is “regret”.
A different place from “purgatory” – but the effect is the same.

Hell is a Truth Learned Too Late!

Be as wily as the Wolf. As fleet as the Peregrine Falcon. As stealthy as the Panther. Smooth as a Viper.

Be as one with your inner predator.

There is no god – except the one we place before ourselves.

If you have a god – then surely you should be striving to do as good, if not better than your god.

Failing this, you cannot hope to achieve anything.
The bar is so high and the course so long.

But remember this… there is no god here.

This is your race. Your contest. And only you will measure it.

If there was a god – it measures the outcomes of countless experiments.
Of one attribute only.
And thousands of attributes.

The individual is nothing.

The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few. Or the “one”.

The “one” only grows by “putting in” that which was “not there to begin with”.

Life. Dedication. Resoluteness. Fortitude.

And a bloody hard-arsed mentality to accept nothing less than the best that you can do.

As if this was to be your only try, your last best hit, your one shining moment, your last attempt,
your last bullet, last dance, last arrow, last run… and it is made to count, so that you will prevail and be victorious…

And be remembered.

That is immortality.

Who cares about the mess of your life – when you are immortal?

Who cares about your life if you are not?

You once told me the only thing in life worse than being soldier – is never to have been soldier.

So let me tell you –
There would be only one thing worse than my being here with you –
You being here all by yourself.

Just us. A witch and a soldier. I can be your Angel. Heaven knows you will need one.

And when I need an Angel, I know I can count on you, my franco

And I will hear you coming.
The breath of Angels. Everywhere. For One Thousand Yards.

When that day comes, and it IS coming, I need MY Gravity’s Angel to lift me out of this dark place.
Fetch me out of harm’s way.
And carry your Little Mermaid back to the Sea.
Back home.
To the Sea.
Where she longs to be.

It is the only way for me to be free of this world.

You and I can never be free from each other
For we are etrernally bound
Two halves of the same Soul.

Bésame Mucho!
Take me dancing my franco
And Bésame Mucho!

Your Donna Strega Belissima XXXXXXX :D