“ 'S Wonderful" by Diana Krall

I Always Love Dining in Interesting Surroundings & Watch the People

Donna Darkwolf dining at Duchess of Wisbeach. Sea Point.

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She was like a child on an outing. Full of dancing curiosity and wonder. She loved going out for dinner.
She loved my care and attentiveness. Being "Chaufferred, by her Minion", in her shiny black Wolf-mobile.
She would quip: "This like 5-star service. 'Ts Wonderful!"... hence the song.
'S wonderful, 'S marvelous
That you should care for me
'S awful nice, 's paradise
'S what I love to see
You've made my life so glamorous
You can't blame me for feeling amorous
Oh, 's wonderful, 's marvelous
That you should care for me...

Mar e Sol. V&A Waterfront

Donna brought me here to have Tiger Prawns, Portuguese style...

Harvey's @ Winchester Mansions

Getting ready to dine after a stroll at the Sea-wall in Sea Point...

Santa Anna Spur. Water Front

Donna always loved to eat at a nice Spur Restaurant...

At Kloofstreet House

Donna loved the atmosphere here. The decor was just liker her home in Durbanville...

Sunset @ Life Grand Cafe.V&A

After a boat excursion around the harbour. Donna just loved menus. Inevitably mixed-and-matched...

At The Duchess with My Minion

She loved this place, it reminded of her house in Durbanville, with all the baroque furnishings...

I am a Phoenix and Death is just a Door Way. God is an Iron and it is The Magician:: I Play

…and on occasion I believe in Magic::, which is supposedly not able to be proved by the Scientific Method. In my life I have learned how to Wash Elephants, lived through more February Heat than most men could, or should want to. Or even have to. I believe in having Music to Watch life go by, and every song I hear, reminds me of some moment. I have lived with the Girl From Ipanema, for most of my life, in what ever form you took. Brunette, Raven, Blonde, Hazel, Red, Platinum…you were always there, your skin of glass and a body like the streamline tireless motor of the limousine... You were on the back of my thundering Honda. You travelled in my Blue Biscayne, You slept with me on trains and travelled with me on planes. You were with me at The Tropic of Capricorn: …you, Solitary and Burning in all my life, my Donna Conchita.You.