“ 'S Wonderful" by Diana Krall

Think of You All the Time


from:  Donna darkwolf@netactive.co.za
to:  moreno franco morenofranco.design@gmail.com
date:  Feb 28, 2017, 4:53 PM
subject:  RE: Think of You All the Time

Me to. I wanted u to come here after supper to just sit with me for a half an hour that is all. but u cannot sit in silence and not just sit. IN SILENCE
well lets see if you can. see you at 7

bring me 3 chocolates, my lovely minion - a tex a lunchbar an a mars :D
love you


From:  moreno franco [mailto:morenofranco.design@gmail.com]
Sent:  Tuesday, February 28, 2017 8:05 AM
To:  darkwolf@netactive.co.za
Subject:  Think of You All the Time

Hi My Love
I think of you all the time.
Just want you to know that.

XX One Kiss Each

Explanation: Donna's Breasts Get... One Kiss Each