“ 'S Wonderful" by Diana Krall

"I fell in love with Arizona"

The Honey Moon Trip

from:  Donna darkwolf@netactive.co.za
to: moreno franco  morenofranco.design@gmail.com
date:  Jul 24, 2016, 11:11 PM
subject:  my moreno morning
I miss u on Sundays. We both miss each other on Sundays.
It was really our only day/time together where u had the whole day at home and I had the whole day at home with you .even tho our words didn’t meet they at least met for most of a Sunday. Yes I miss you very much on a Sunday.

And this morning - like I do all Sunday mornings – I think how u wood pad abt bec u never knew when I did emerge from the room and I lie there and think I should now actually let franco know I am awake. But I didnt. and then u wood pad and pad and I would say but put on the TV or the wash machine. Its fine I cant hear it. But u didnt.

Pad pad pad pad pad.

Such care for me you practice

Anyway I do look forward to our little sojourn in the karoo. I hate forests with a passion, dislike mountains even more, the sea is tolerable but the Karroo I love. Grew up in Worcester and the Karroo ganders was my backyard. Hours and hours I would spend there.

And I fell in love with Arizona.

Anyway I am happy to go now.

The lord milner hotel is QUITE refined , and genteel space. If I remember correctly dinner is by cangelight. But I do remember quiet and peace and no frantic energy whatsoever. No waiters trying to speed u to a bigger tip etc. and if I remember also the pub is quite dark – lovely! Or at least there were parts that were quiet dark.



And thank you for coming thru today. I sat there and I thought that someday soon if u go before me I won’t have my own beautiful Soldier to do that.
And then I want to cry. But its too late.
This is what it is.

fetch me my franco minion . we're going on honeymoon for the winter solstice

The Red Room at the Top of the Stairs - on the Left. Our Honeymoon Suite