“Besa Me - Kiss Me" by Diana Krall

"I fell in love with Arizona"

The Honey Moon Trip

from:  Donna darkwolf@netactive.co.za
to: moreno franco  morenofranco.design@gmail.com
date:  Jul 24, 2016, 11:11 PM
subject:  my moreno morning
I miss u on Sundays. We both miss each other on Sundays.
It was really our only day/time together where u had the whole day at home and I had the whole day at home with you .even tho our words didn’t meet they at least met for most of a Sunday. Yes I miss you very much on a Sunday.

And this morning - like I do all Sunday mornings – I think how u wood pad abt bec u never knew when I did emerge from the room and I lie there and think I should now actually let franco know I am awake. But I didnt. and then u wood pad and pad and I would say but put on the TV or the wash machine. Its fine I cant hear it. But u didnt.

Pad pad pad pad pad.

Such care for me you practice

Anyway I do look forward to our little sojourn in the karoo. I hate forests with a passion, dislike mountains even more, the sea is tolerable but the Karroo I love. Grew up in Worcester and the Karroo ganders was my backyard. Hours and hours I would spend there.

And I fell in love with Arizona.

the wide open spaces, the incredible sunrises and sunsets, the beautiful mountains

probably why i love you

Anyway I am happy to go now.

i have my soldier who loves me. my chief cook and bottle washer (ur so funny), my own comedian and MY OWN DRIVER.
to drive you me and wolf to???
The lord milner hotel is QUITE refined , and genteel space. If I remember correctly dinner is by cangelight. But I do remember quiet and peace and no frantic energy whatsoever. No waiters trying to speed u to a bigger tip etc. and if I remember also the pub is quite dark – lovely! Or at least there were parts that were quiet dark.



And thank you for coming thru today. I sat there and I thought that someday soon if u go before me I won’t have my own beautiful Soldier to do that for me.
And then I want to cry. But its too late.
This is what it is. i am the tip of the spear

fetch me my franco minion . we're going on honeymoon for the winter solstice

make for a great comedy... a soldier and a witch going on honeymoon. LOL at least i know i can die happy having you in my life.

The Red Room at the Top of the Stairs - on the Left. Our Honeymoon Suite