"Minuet" by Boccherini

Donna Darkwolf Loves to Eat and Drink and Sing, on a Wine Farm

Accompanied by my loving, ever-faithful, and entertaining Minion.

"Get the Wolf-Mobile, and let's go to lunch", she would announce, as she finished her preparation to head to a wine farm restaurant.

Always excited, and definitely hungry. Such a Joy!

Lunch at Simons

Constantia Winelands

Lunch at Jonkershoek

For my Birthday

Lunch at Simons, Again

With her Minion

She Loved the Winelands

At Jonkershuis

Donna's Birthday Surprise

What a blast... Donna told me this is the the first camouflage cake this company has ever made in 35 years. With a gun-ship on it. Such is my shiny wifes sense of humour. LOL!

A "Go-to,-Take-Charge" Kind of Guy. My own Science Officer, Chief Cook, Bottle-washer, Chauffeur, Fire Marshal at Battersea Power Station (until it burned down), and my personal Replacement Killer...

Like he says: " I'm the guy you didn't count on". As in - 'you never imagined this happening ? Well, it is now'