Sunday Lunch at Harbour House with Donna Darkwolf. Kalk Bay

Mission: Mirth and Joy

See that red and white harbour beacon at the end of the sea-wall. In her younger days when she was a student at the Bible Institute, almost across the road from the harbour, she and some of the other students would go there for a Friday Night Piss-up.

That one - or the green beacon where her ashes were finally scattered a few months later. Well, not all her ashes...
She expressed her wish to have her ashes scattered here. Which caught me by surprise - because a few meals ago - at Ons Huisie , on Blouberg Beach, she had epressed the wish to have her ashes scatterd there... on the beach she used to visit with her father, and where she scattered his ashes.

Which how Donna Darkwolf's ashes got to be scattered on both sides of the Peninsula.
"Ter be shure, Lass! Ter be Shure!"